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Hi Everyone! 


This is me in a nutshell...


The only daughter of traveling parents, I was born and raised in the city of Viña del Mar, Chile. Since I was little, photography, images, drawing and music were my tools to make my creativity fly.

I studied Advertising focusing in Creativity and Audiovisual Production in Chile, then I did a postgraduate degree in strategic marketing communications to reinforce my vision in the area of ​​business & sales.

During my career, I had a year of studies in Analog Photography which reinforced my interest in this area. I went to live in Santiago de Chile working in Marketing in advertising agencies. Also,  as General Producer for television & mass events.

After 5 years of city life, I took my camera, a plane and a suitcase with me to land in Cancun  while listening to "Runaway home" by The Beatles (yes, great detail). That night, without knowing it my career in photography began to flourish before my eyes. I spent 10 years photographing Weddings &  Family Portraits.

3 years Ago I met my husband on a bus, we were both traveling!, after a couple of years in a long distance relationship we decided to move together to the United States, enjoying this new chapter for us.

So here I am,  doing what I love the most, telling stories with photography, traveling & teaching for newcomer photographers.

If,  I had to define my style I would say that it is freestyle & journalistic. In my sessions & Weddings I flow with each person, place, portraying essence, brightness, powerful & cheerful stories, but still intimate. For me, technical quality is essential to define what I want before shooting to achieve a designed result. I like when people are reflected in my photographs or when they see me through them. I have photographed more than 300 Weddings and I still love it!


As for my  brand content or social media material, my background in advertising has been useful to understand what the customer needs to show about branding and contribute with the final product.


I am a person dedicated and passionate about what I do, a happy person with a huge sense of humor. I pour my heart into my craft each day while enjoying myself at the same time. Hopefully you notice it by visiting my portfolio.


I hope to meet you soon!

Valeria Moonch

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